Women barbers. This once rare breed is becoming more and more popular. In fact, around 44% of barbers are currently female, and one of the best plies her trade at Hines & Harley. Terry talks about razors, beards and wizard eyebrows.

“I have been working in the industry for 10 years now; first as a makeup artist, then a somatologist and a lecturer, then completely off track as an advanced make-up and prosthetics technician (another very male industry), and finally as a barber. I find all of these skills and experience help me to be the best barber I can be. I can draw on all my other qualifications when I work on your hair or beard, giving you a better quality treatment.

I am pretty easy-going and hard to offend. I have no time for politics or drama, which I why I enjoy working with men.

One of the questions that always pops up is how I can shave a gent’s face or shape a beard when I have no personal experience of it myself. Firstly, we do practise on ourselves – legs and arms are an easy target, and shaving an ankle is just as finicky as shaving a jawline. I therefore know how much pressure to apply, as well as what technique feels comfortable or not.

Shaving and beard shaping is an art – it’s a skill to be practised and developed over time. I can groom you in the same way an artist can paint a picture of fruit, even though he’s never tasted an apple in his life.

One of the big pros to having a woman groom you, is that we view you differently than a man would. My attitude is that I would groom you as I groom my husband – I find a style that suits your face and is as little work for you as possible. I pay attention to the small details. So when you come for a haircut, be assured that I’m going to check your nape, your ears and nostrils. And I will tame those wizard eyebrows. With a somatology background, I’ll analyse your skin while I work and recommend treatments or products if I think it will help for that pesky dandruff or blackheads on the nose.

Long story short, trust your female barber. She won’t let you leave the shop unless she’s happy that you are meticulously groomed and fit to be seen (and admired!).”

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