Hollywood waxing

The complete low down on Hollywood waxing

Waxing is scary. Especially when it’s down there… Here is a complete breakdown of the treatment, how it works, and what’s expected of you during and before a Hollywood waxing treatment.

Your Hollywood waxing treatment will be done using Naked Cherry wax – it’s a local, vegan, essential oil based wax and is the best we have ever tried. We will be using a variety of products on you during the treatment, so please let us know if you have any allergies that we need to be aware of.

Your treatment will take up to 1hr for the first few treatments. It can take as little as 20 minutes – but usually it takes a while to get to that point. We use a private room with soundproofing, and we have ample towels to keep you covered and an aircon to help with temperature regulation – you’ll feel quite hot because of the nerves and pain reaction the first session.
You can even pick whichever music you would like to hear while we are busy waxing.

What to do before a Hollywood waxing treatment:

Before your first wax, do an exfoliation treatment on the skin to be waxed the night before. You don’t have to use anything fancy- a body scrub, sugar mixed with coconut oil, or even a rougher shower sponge works perfectly. This just lifts the hair and makes it easier for the wax to grip. Do not trim your hair – longer is better at first, and we can always trim it at the beginning of your session if needed. Rather too long than too short – if you trim too much then the wax will struggle to pick the hair up properly.

Wear soft, loose trousers on your Hollywood waxing treatment day. Don’t use any moisturisers on your skin before your wax. We have wet wipes that you can use to freshen up before we begin.
If you are worried about your pain reaction, take a painkiller 15 minute before your treatment. Avoid blood thinning medication as well as excessive alcohol before.

What happens in during the Hollywood waxing treatment:

You will be shown to the waxing room where we have place for your clothes, and all of our waxing kits. You will be asked to remove all clothing from lower half of body, but you can keep your shirt on.

You just lie on your back on our plinth, then we do the front of the body waxing, after which we ask you to roll over and we do the back of the body. You won’t need to do any advanced yoga moves or uncomfortable positions. At most we bend one of your knees while we work to give us room to maneuver the wax, so it’s very comfortable, and we keep you covered in towels apart from the immediate area we are working.

We will apply a prep gel and prep oil which will cleanse your skin and protect it from the wax. The wax will be hot, but it cools quickly and won’t burn you. I’ll apply a small amount to the inside of your wrist so that you know what temperature to expect. We apply multiple patches at a time, to make the whole process go quicker. We use hot wax – it starts off malleable and sticky but dries hard. We pull it off just before it gets completely solid. Your skin won’t be excessively sticky because the wax comes off in clean, whole pieces.

During a Hollywood waxing treatment, we wax the entire scrotum, perineum, crack and public bone. We can also add in bum cheeks, or leave some hair on the public bone depending on how you feel. You can decide on the day.

Waxing IS painful, but we make it as quick and comfortable as possible. It isn’t a fun treatment, but it is bearable and you will be fine.

After the wax is removed, we spray an antibacterial spray over that is designed to lessen irritation after waxing. We tweeze any remaining hairs and then apply a soothing gel and hydrating oil over the waxed area. This will protect your skin and won’t stain your clothes.

Your skin will feel tender and might go quite red. This fades relatively quickly though. Your first wax is always the worst one because your body isn’t used to having it’s hair pulled out, and because of the nervousness during the first session!

After your Hollywood waxing treatment:

Your skin is now sensitised, so you want to treat it carefully. No sauna, gym, super hot showers, or alcohol/fragranced products on your skin for the first 12 hours. Have warm but not hot showers and clean skin normally with soap. DO apply moisturiser after you shower, preferably one without heavy fragrances. Essential oils are good, alcohol based perfumes are not. Wear loose, breathable clothing so as not to irritate your skin with friction.

Some people have a slight histamine reaction after waxing – it looks like tiny pimples that appear after a wax. Just take an antihistamine and moisturise, the exfoliator that you use will calm them down.

2 days after your wax- exfoliate again. Work exfoliator gently in round motions over waxed skin, and thereafter exfoliate once a week until your next wax.

You should wax between 4 and 6 weeks – this gives your hair a chance to grow long enough again, but not enough that it’s as painful as the first time again. Repeated waxing will thin your hair out and soften the hair, so it will feel as though you have less hair.

If you have any questions at any point, we are always a quick message away.


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