Put your hands up for MAN-icures

Put your hands up for MAN-icures

When meeting someone for the first time, there are a couple of things that stand out – your shoes, your smile, and your handshake. But no matter how confident the handshake, poor nail hygiene will leave a lasting impression, for all the wrong reasons. Read on to discover why a manicure can work wonders for your image. 

Our hands and feet take a lot of punishment and can have a variety of small problems that contribute to them looking or feeling poorly.

One of the most common complaints about hands is the dry cuticles around the nails, and ridges on the nails themselves. Both of these problems are quickly sorted out during a manicure. If you’re a nail biter, a manicure will ensure that there is no excess nail for you to chew, and no cuticle bits for your teeth to get a hold of. We’ve found regular manicures to be one of the best ways to stop nail-biting.

Feet also suffer from dry skin and cuticles, but that’s nothing that a good file can’t relieve. We also have professional foot peel treatments for those very stubborn cracks and calluses. Those cracks do not stand a chance against our “poly-fila” like moisturizer that heals the cracks from the inside out. 

Men’s toenails are very strong, so ingrowns can occur easily and are hard to treat by yourself. Our somatologists can get right to the root of the problem with our specialised tools and can teach you how best to maintain your nails to reduce pain and irritation from ingrown nails. 

The process takes anything from thirty minutes for an express manicure to two hours for a first-time mani and pedi combo. It requires you to lean back in one of our comfortable recliners and sip on a cappuccino while our somatologists follow a solutions-driven routine. The treatment is as follows: 

Manicure and pedicure step 1

First, we do the ‘work’ part of the mani and pedi We cut nails and shape them using a file, then buff them smooth, removing ridges and bumps. We can also shine your nails to a mirror finish if that’s your preference. Your cuticles will be softened and removed using a blade and nippers, and all raggedy bits of skin, nail and build up will be removed before we move on to the fun bit. In a pedicure, the soles of your feet will also be filed before we begin the luxury treatments. We use antibacterial products, anti-fungal sprays, cuticle removers, and alkaline peels as necessary, to give you the best results according to your requirements. 

After tidying hands and feet, we massage

After your hands and feet are tidy and problem-free we do a massage with a rich butter that works as a mask for your skin. We focus on a lot of pressure points, especially on the feet, and make sure that every inch of skin is deeply nourished. We then use a specialised exfoliator to increase circulation and brush off dead skin – this is scrubbed into your hands and feet until they’re warm and tingly. We wrap your hands or feet up with plastic to allow the heat and mask to soften your skin, and get you a refill of your drink while you wait. 

Softening your skin

This process of softening the skin is more hygienic than paraffin foot baths and has the same end result with a minimum of fuss. We use piping hot towels to remove the product from your hands and feet, cleaning them entirely before we finish off with a massage oil as a moisturiser. This leaves your hands and feet hydrated without feeling greasy. A circulation-improving gel is applied right at the end, for a fresh rejuvenating feeling. We rub a cuticle oil into the nails to treat the surrounding skin, and can add a matte, ridge filler varnish should your nail have damage that isn’t immediately able to be fixed during one of our treatments. 

Why your nails matter

Nails are living things – and too much vigorous buffing or filing, or using callous cutters on the skin under your feet, can cause lasting problems that are difficult to repair. Some cases, especially injuries to the nail itself, require a lot of patience as the injury grows out. We work around this, and make it as manageable and presentable as possible, until your body can heal itself. Regular treatments done by a professional will result in better after effects than trying to do an emergency fix once a year. A treatment once every 4 to 6 weeks is perfect for perfecting your hands and feet and then maintaining them. Less time spent on ‘work’ on the hands and feet means more time spent on the massage and scrub, so the treatments become more relaxing the more often you have them.

We can help with fungal infections

If you suspect you have a fungal infection or a wart, or have very problematic ingrown toenails, your somatologist will give you some advice to help it, and recommend you to a podiatrist. 90% of the time a qualified therapist can fix it, but we will let you know instantly if we suspect that you need medical attention. We will also tidy up the area after you have any procedures done by the podiatrist. 

Diabetes and epileptic medication can cause parasynthesia, and not being able to feel your hands and feet properly means that you can sustain small injuries without noticing, and especially in the case of diabetes, your body’s ability to heal itself is compromised, and these little scrapes can become infected and a big problem before you even discover them. Regular pedicures mean that your therapist will let you know of any issues before they become a problem.  

Apart from making you feel refreshed and relaxed, your feet are now 100% flip-flop ready, and your hands are immaculate, which is a brilliant, subtle way to show that you take care of yourself and pay attention to detail. 

Remember, gents, that your wedding photos include your hands as well, and they should be groomed to perfection before the wedding day. A handsome ring needs a handsome hand to rest upon. 

Our somatologists love a challenge and find fixing hands and feet very satisfying, so don’t ever think that you’re tips and toes are beyond saving. There is not a single person that won’t benefit from having at least one manicure and pedicure in their lifetime.

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