For the gent who doesn’t mind spending extra time on his skin, a toner can be great for minimising pore size and an oily sheen. We have spray-on varieties that are easy to apply.
H&H recommends:Theravine for Men active Daily Spritzer
Then there’s eye gel to help ward off signs of ageing. The skin around the eyes is thinner, and thus shows tell-tale lines earlier than the rest of the face. A light formulation gel moisturises and reduces puffiness, while keeping the skin taut and wrinkle-free for longer.
H&H recommends: Theravine Hydrating Eye Gel

For hard hitting anti-ageing, a serum is the best choice. It is a non greasy, light fluid that is applied under your moisturiser (preferably at night). Serums contain anti oxidants which protect your skin from harmful free radicals, and even out your skin tone while enhancing collagen production – keeping your skin smooth and firm. H&H recommends: Theravine vitavine anti wrinkle skin booster
If you travel alot, gym regularly, or just want a product to cool and refresh your skin, then try a revitalising skin gel. This can be used on the whole body, is non oily and soothes tired muscles. Plus it gets your circulation pumping! H&H recommends: Circulavine refreshing gel
Salon treatments will really put the care into your skincare routine. A men’s facial treatment includes a skin analysis and consultation, and the somatologist will remove blackheads and impurities for you without damaging your skin. (We have ways of making it less painful!)

The barber will shape your beard for you, making it easier to maintain, and perform a cut throat shave for the smoothest skin.

Hair that can’t be shaved is easily tamed with waxing. It is a quick process whereby warm wax is applied to messy unibrows, flourishing ear hair or noticeable nostril hair. Removing hair this way lasts much longer than trimming or shaving, and keeps you looking immaculately groomed without looking feminine.
H&H recommends: H&H of course!

To recap: cleanse and moisturise every day, exfoliate once a week, and add beard or shaving products that suit your needs.

Men’s products are designed to be quick and easy, and once you know what your skin needs it’s easy to maintain it. If you need a relaxing hour off of work, or want an expert analysis of your skin’s needs, you know where to find us, don’t you?

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