Salons, barbershops and spas generate a lot of waste – especially when they are serious about hygiene. At Hines & Harley we are serious about being part of the pollution and energy solution, and here’s how we do it.

Firstly, we use energy-saving light bulbs all over our premises. We only use hairdryers when it is absolutely necessary, and we don’t have TVs or pointless electronics.

Instead, we have two tablets – one to stream music through our little radio/vinyl player, and one to take care of daily business. With our operating system in the cloud, we can access our business information and bookings from wherever we are. This also saves paper – no big appointment books or receipts for us. We email you your receipts and do all of our bookings online. We can even email you a gift voucher if you don’t want a paper one.

You also won’t find piles of scruffy magazines in our lounge. We believe in books – nice thick ones in all genres and mostly bought second hand from charity stores.

Secondly, we’re serious about water. We don’t waste it by running it down a basin – we use hot compresses. How that works is that we dampen a towel and pop it inside our hot cabinets that heat towels and disinfect anything placed inside. They are then ready for the day. We count out our bookings in the morning to determine how many towels we will need and fill up as necessary. We use them for shaves, facials, massages and even mani and pedi treatments. These towels feel amazing on the skin and use a lot less water than a basin or pedi bowl would.

We also have two coolers that filter water for drinking, as well as for treatments like a facial or a shave. The water that collects in the drip trays goes to the roses outside.

Thirdly, we recycle what we can, when we can. The whiskey bottles that our guests empty so enthusiastically are repurposed into anything from soap dispensers to the spray bottles we use to dampen hair. In our recycling room, we collect all the used paper, plastic, tin and glass that we can’t re-use in recycling bags. We are very proud of the massive bag in which we collect hard plastic for an owl rescue NPO. They use it to make owl houses! It’s a good feeling to know that your waste goes to helping living creatures instead of endangering them.

Even organic waste, like our coffee pods, gets re-used. We empty out the capsules, recycle the plastic and collect the coffee as a natural fertiliser for our plants at home.

We don’t even let hair go to waste! Hair that is long enough is collected and donated to CANSA to make wigs for people who lose their hair due to chemotherapy.

Fourthly, we scrutinise the products we use. Most of our products come in recycle-friendly glass and plastic. The less excess packaging like boxes and bags around it the better. Some of our ranges’ packaging is designed to get every drop of the product out before being recycled.

We also make sure that we only use products that are natural, paraben and sulphate free, and not tested on animals. Instead of chemical-rich gunk, we only put organic, high-quality products on your skin. And the results speak for themselves, don’t they?

Our product philosophy is evident in how we go about making our own shaving and beard range. Pure, natural ingredients are blended right before a client buys the product, which means there are no artificial preservatives and colourants included. Our products are sold in no-fuss plastic bottles (no risk of breaking when dropped in the shower!) that you can bring back in for a refill and a discount.

With temperatures dropping, we have invested in dual-purpose, soy-based wax candles. They provide that beautiful relaxing light, and we use the warm melted wax as a luxurious massage medium.

While there is always more that can be done, we have systems in place to minimise wastage of any kind. We hope to get better with every year. After all, the impact we hope to create is not a negative one on the environment, but a positive one on our clients. Less waste, and more happy guests with happy skins.

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