Zits. Pimples. Acne. Call it what you like, problem skin is the bane of most teenagers’ lives. Is it something to just put up with, or should you subject your young skin to products and treatments?

Somatologists agree that your skin care routine is determined by your skin type and condition, not your age. And as the skin is your largest organ, it makes sense to start taking care of it sooner rather than later.

While it is true that your hormones are largely to blame for the state of your skin, a good cleansing and moisturising routine will do wonders towards maintaining its pH balance, oil and moisture levels.

And this is where professional consultation comes in. You can use the most expensive or highest quality products, but if you use a combination that’s not right for your skin type, you will do more damage than good. Teenagers, especially guys, often end up not cleansing at all, or they use overly harsh products in an effort to obliterate oiliness or acne.

In contrast, a somatologist will do a skin analysis, recommend the right type of product and show you how and when to use it. This education is vitally important, as it helps protect the skin and saves you from buying 20 products that will clutter your bathroom but never get used.

But if you cannot be bothered to spend much time on your skin at home, then a regular facial treatment is a good way to ensure it gets the care it should.

Professional facial treatments control blemishes as imperfections are removed quickly and without scarring the skin. The risk of cross-infection or damage is far less when a trained professional extracts blackheads or pimples properly, instead of you pressing and prodding at your face. Remember, scars are difficult to deal with, so avoiding them altogether through a good skincare routine, is first prize.

Proper skincare is an investment. You can’t go wrong when you use gentle, age-appropriate products in professional treatments and at home (as recommended by a somatologist).

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