How to avoid dehydrated skin in the winter.

Winter Skin: Give dehydrated skin the cold shoulder

How to avoid dehydrated skin in the winter.

Winter poses many challenges. Which scarf to wear to work, learning how to cook a potjie instead of a braai… and the unseen problem of dry, itchy skin under all of those layers. 

Thankfully, there are many solutions to dehydrated skin, and most of them are surprisingly luxurious. 

No matter your skin type, winter dehydrates your skin, which leaves it sensitised, itchy, flaky, and in many cases flushed or rough. Many people see it on their upper arms and backs first- small bumps that won’t go away, and turn your skin quite red. This is usually Keratosis Pilaris. This condition occurs when too much keratin builds up in your follicles and blocks the pores. Keratin is the protein building block of all cells, but too much Keratin makes your skin rough and uncomfortable. Even without this condition, skin can be itchy and flaky. 

We have multiple treatment options for both extreme and subtle skin irritations. 

First wonder solution: Exfoliation.

This can be mechanical, so you use a salt or sugar scrub or a rough loofah and rub that surface skin off. We have a few scrub options in-store, or alternatively, we can perform the exfoliation for you. Having a hot exfoliation on a warm massage bed is much better than trying to reach the middle of your back in the shower. (But we have a special exfoliating cloth for that if that’s your choice!). Waxing is also a kind of manual exfoliation, as it will remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Having a wax and following it with a flash exfoliation is a sure-fire way of attaining super smooth skin. 

We can also perform enzymatic or acidic exfoliation. This will use natural enzymes or fruit acids like papain, bromelain, salicylic acid or other alpha hydroxy acids to gently but firmly break the bonds between these dry skin cells. This is especially effective on keratosis pilaris, as it doesn’t irritate the skin or cause inflammation in the skin Our Theravine™ range of body exfoliation products contains these natural enzymes and you can book them as a back cleanse. These are a winner when combined with a full body massage. Did we mention that our full-body massages take place in a heated private room, with electric blankets, massage sticks, and heated soy candles as massage oil? Well now you know, and you’re welcome. Choose your favourite music and let us turn your skin from drab to divine. 

As much as dehydrated skin needs water, we find that most gents don’t like the texture of cream – it takes too long to absorb and feels greasy. We have oils and gels to replace cream, without losing any of the benefits. Our Naked Cherry body range has specialised scrubs, hydrating gels, and moisturising oils that absorb quickly, leave a fresh, neutral scent, and even contain essential oils with an aphrodisiac quality. Feel free to treat your significant other to a massage with them, to get the maximum use out of your homecare products. 

Remember to apply sunscreen to any skin that will be exposed. Even though your golf game feels cool and breezy, those UV rays are still attacking your skin, so keep the arms and neck protected with SPF at all times. 

Winter skin doesn’t have to be dull – treat your face and body with our team of qualified somatologists, who will work out the best treatment to suit you. 

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