The cold brew procedure filters cold water through your favourite coffee grounds over a period of 18 to 24 hours. By using cold water for an extended period of time, a richer and smoother taste is drawn from the coffee grounds. Served over ice and sipped like a whisky, cold brew lets you savour a true coffee experience.

Hot water leeches out of the more acidic and bitter compounds in coffee, as well as more caffeine, giving hot coffee that all too familiar “bite” that most people tend to soften with milk and sugar.

Cold brewing, in contrast, gives you the true taste of the beans and doesn’t leave you feeling jittery hours later.

Why did we pick cold brew coffee for Hines & Harley?

Well, you could go practically anywhere for a cup of hot coffee, but the decadence that is cold brew is a far more exclusive experience. Just like you could practically go to any barber for a haircut and shave, but you won’t get the experience that is Hines & Harley.

We aren’t your quick cup of instant bitter coffee.

A cup of boiled muddy water may perk you up or get you through the day, but you don’t necessarily look forward to the next cup.

Your first sip of regal cold brew, however, is something you will remember.

It’s unparalleled.

And so are we.