Without making it sound like the solution to all children’s problems, the answer is an unqualified yes.

Apart from the fact that they really enjoy the experience, massage therapy eases hyperactivity, depression and anxiety, and counters the detrimental impact of stress.

We think of stress as an adult condition, but children – even infants – can suffer from stress. A young child starting school, or changing school, will experience stress. Family illness or financial problems, divorce, peer pressure and even happy events, like vacations, can produce emotional strain. Under these circumstances, a massage can be a wonderful stress- buster for children.

Massage as a routine event can help children to develop a healthy relationship with touch, which supports them to grow into adults with healthy self-esteem and the ability to develop long-term relationships.

For infants, gentle, gliding strokes with oils is the best form of massage therapy. As children grow older, the massage can include separate work on hands and feet, concentrating on the fingers and toes. Massage sessions should not last more than 45 minutes and should be gentle enough to not strain the joints.