Hines & Harley

Hines & Harley is Jared Hines’ dream come true. With more than a decade’s experience in the spa industry – in South Africa and abroad – he had long been looking for a place where men can be pampered, not as an afterthought but as the salon’s focus.

“Eventually I decided to create such a place,” he says. And that’s how Hines & Harley was born.

The Hines & Harley philosophy

For us it is all about the experience before, during and after the treatment. We view our treatments as therapy given by professionals. It is an exchange of energy that we respect by always bringing our best selves to the task.

Our clients are regulars; they always come back for more because they love to be treated as if they are the only people who matter to us.

Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of the people we touch directly, in the industry we operate in and in the broader business community.

The Hines & Harley team

Jared Hines


Jared Hines

An advert in the Classifieds brought Jared to the doors of Camelot International where he completed a three-year course and qualified as an aesthetician and somatologist in 2008. His CV includes stints at some of South Africa’s top spas, including Mount Grace and the spa at the Saxon Hotel. While managing the latter, he was named African spa manager of the year in 2015.

The job that inspired his vision for his own spa, however, was his six-month contract with Canyon Ranch that saw him working as the Seven Seas Mariner’s on-board aesthetician.

Jared’s treatment philosophy is built on the concept of energy transferal. “A tired and unhappy therapist will give you a tired and unhappy treatment and you will leave feeling disappointed and ripped off,” he explains. “It is very important that therapists are happy and energetic; such positivity is the source of the relaxed, happy feeling you get after a treatment. This holistic approach has long-term benefits, especially in a fast-paced city such as Johannesburg.”

Terry Morris


Terry Award

Terry got started in the beauty industry by accident. Wanting to do a special effects course, she had to study make-up first – which led her to nails and lashes and, eventually, the whole enchilada. On her way to Hines & Harley, Terry has worked as a make-up and prosthetics lecturer and assessor, a beautician, and a make-up artist on film sets.

Her passion for beauty therapy lies in the magic it works. “It’s wonderful to see someone come to you looking tired and grumpy, and leave refreshed and feeling confident. We build close relationships with our clients. They aren’t numbers coming in and out of the shop. They become like friends. You really notice if you haven’t seen them in a while and miss their quirks.”

Terry loves working with beards; loves to turn a wild and unruly-looking mess into a classy gentleman. “Beards do for men what make-up does for women,” she says. “We teach guys how to make the most of their beards. A regular shape ensures our clients always look dapper. We do warn them, though, that strangers might want to run their fingers through a freshly styled beard!”