Be beard wise

Exfoliate before shaving, or on the days when you don’t shave.

Depending on what you prefer, use a shaving soap that lathers or a shaving oil , and always shave with the grain. Shaving against the grain can irritate the skin, and is often the reason ingrown hairs appear.

Make sure that your aftershave does not contain alcohol – shaving dries out the skin and alcohol only makes it worse. Use a soothing lotion or oil, and massage it into the shaved areas before you apply your moisturiser.

H&H recommends:

  • London Grooming Company Aftershave and Skin Moisturi
  • London Grooming Company Shaving Oil

For beards, a beard oil is a necessity. Beard oil works as a moisturiser for the skin underneath the beard, and facilitates healthy hair growth.

For longer beards, or for hard, coarse hair, a beard balm will work wonders. It softens the hair and helps with styling (almost like a hair gel or wax).

Less is always more with beard products. A couple of drops of beard oil applied to the skin will be sufficient. Be similarly frugal with your balm, but increase the quantity as the beard length increases.

Specialised moustache waxes are available for classy, old school styles. They provide a lot more structure than balms and keep your style in place for longer.

Both oil and balms come in a variety of masculine fragrances that will definitely make you proud of your beard (and impress your significant other!).

Use a beard wash for longer, bushier beards. This keeps them clean, soft and moisturised. The build up from the oils and balms that are used on the beard need to be removed periodically. Use two to three times a week and apply fresh oil afterwards.

H&H recommends:

  • Duke of Beards Beard Oil
  • Duke of Beards Beard Liquid Wash
  • RB&Co Beard Balm
  • RB&Co Stache Wax

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